35 Trending Fulani Braid Styles For 2022

When I first came across these tribal braids, I said to myself, “Where has this style been all my life?” That’s the effect Fulani braids have on practically everyone, and that’s why they’re plastered and praised all over the internet.

Originating from the Fula people in Africa’s Sahel region, Fulani braids generally have the following characteristics: a cornrow braided down the center of the head, cornrows close to the hairline toward your temple, and reverse cornrows braided above the ear.

Some Fulani styles also feature cornrows looped around the crown of the head. Rihanna is one of several Hollywood stars who contributed to the resurgence of this phenomenal style.

So you see, this look has been making waves and continues to do so, and when you see the amazing Fulani braid styles listed in this compilation, I’m sure you’ll be just as excited to try out this trend. Without further adieu, let’s begin.

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