45 Gorgeous Lace Designs You Can Add To Your Collection

You Can Add Gorgeous Lace Designs To Your Collection. We all know how to do it. It’s no secret. In fact, there are thousands of patterns and tutorials online that show you step by step how to make your own gorgeous lace patterns. It doesn’t take long to figure out the basics of this technique. And once you do it a few times, you realize you don’t need to spend tons of time making beautiful lace.

I’m here to tell you that it takes a lot less time to master a pattern than to spend hours trying to create it. With this free resource, you can get started right away.

Are you fed up with Ankara? Or are you simply looking to add to your local clothing collection? If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the perfect place.

In this article, I’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of eye-catching and contemporary lace designs for you to use in place of your Ankara outfits. I’ve also looked at the many types of lace.

Gorgeous Lace Designs

Lace is a delicate and sheer fabric. Natural fibers like cotton, viscose, wool, and silk are commonly used to create this openwork design.

Lace’s thickness can range from light to heavy, depending on the material it is made of.

It’s fascinating to note that despite the lace’s lack of comfort, it’s more eye-catching and appealing than Ankara.

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Lace can be worn on a variety of occasions, but it’s most appropriate for formal affairs like church services, weddings, receptions, business lunches, and formal dinners.

As with other materials, the cost of lace can vary greatly. A lace can cost as little as five thousand Nigerian nairas to as much as a million nairas. It’s up to you how much lace you want to buy, so you may design it anyway you like.

The following is a list of the most frequent types of lace in use today;

1) Lyon lace: only cotton is used to make this type of lace. It weighs between 90 and 150 grams per square meter. To keep the lace in place, it is sewn onto a thin layer of tulle and then wrapped around a cable thread. Since the 19th century, it has used the same method of manufacture. It would be ideal for a bridal gown.

2) Corded lace: Soutache cord gives a volumetric impression on the material by lining the corded lace with a thicker spool. It is 45-185 g/m2 in weight. For an evening supper, you can wear this style of lace, or you can use it as a dress overlay material. Good for the skin as well.

3) Embroidered lace: Beads, gems, ribbons, sequins, thread needlework, and satin make up this lace. It’s a huge hit. Evening gowns and bridal gowns can benefit from this fabric.

4) Guipure lace: This is a superb example of the thick lace that Guipure lace is known for. On average, it’s 70-400 g/m2 in weight. Other lace patterns have net backgrounds, but this one has braids connecting it. One of the most versatile fabrics out there.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about lace, have a look at these stunning examples of lace patterns.

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