Here are 90 Elegant and Stylish ways to Wear a Peplum Skirt and an Ankara Blouse

When it comes to the styles of clothes we wear, we love to be a little different and stand out from the crowd. While the world is filled with people who love to wear the same outfits over and over, we love being a little bolder by dressing in a way that sets us apart from others. One way that people often try to do this is by adding unique details to their clothes. This can be as simple as adding a cool bracelet or cuff to your outfit, or by rocking a fun blazer that’s made with an unexpected color.

Whether you’re looking to take your peplum skirt style to a new level or are just looking for some fresh ways to rock your favorite Ankara blouse, we’ve got you covered.

We have rounded up 45 of the most elegant ways to mix and match your favorite styles, whether you prefer a fitted look or one that allows you to showcase your figure.

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