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Here Are The Steps For Sewing A Puff Sleeve Gown With Ankara Or Lace Fabric

Steps For Sewing A Puff Sleeve Gown: Making and designing clothes can be time demanding and stressful because you have to always stay updated with trendy English and native outfits. After making your research on trendy styles, you’ll still make sure you know how to sew them.



Steps For Sewing A Puff Sleeve Gown Puff Sleeve Gown

Some fashion designers don’t really have the time to register in a fashion school in order to receive the full training and knowledge. They are usually very busy attending to so many clients, so for the sake of fashion designers currently going through this, we wrote this article.

Steps For Sewing A Puff Sleeve Gown

Puffed sleeves are currently trending in so many cities and it won’t be good if you don’t know how to design them very well. Here are the guidelines on how to make this style using either lace or Ankara material:

  1. Start by taking the appropriate measurement of your client. The cloth won’t come out beautifully well if you don’t take the correct body measurement of your client.
  2. Cut the fabric into two equal parts, which include the body and the hands. Please give your customer the privilege to decide on the type of fabric to be used. Don’t just assume a customer will like a fabric.
  3. Attach both sleeves. The sleeves are usually done using chiffon material. You need to make sure the sleeves are very bold. This is the major reason why they are called puffed sleeves.

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