Latest and Beautiful Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

We’ve compiled five of the most popular Types of African Hair Braiding Styles with images and instructions on how to achieve each of these beautiful looks.

Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

1. Cornrows Braiding Hairstyle

Worn by both men and women, cornrows are braided close to the scalp making a continuous, raised row. Cornrows, also known as Ghana braids are often done in simple, straight lines but can also be formed in elaborate geometric or curvilinear designs.

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

2. Twist Braids Hairstyle

Although twist braids are worn by both men and women, they are more popular amongst women. Twist braids are a beautiful alternative to regular braids. Twist braids only use two sections of hair in comparison to regular braids that use three sections of hair. Types of African Hair Braiding Styles.

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

3. Jumbo Braids Hairstyle

As opposed to micro braids, with jumbo braids, your hair is parted into larger sections, allowing the braiding process to be faster. Additionally, jumbo braids require more braiding hair, making each plait thicker overall. Use hair extensions to really add bulk and thickness to your hairstyle. Types of African Hair Braiding Styles.

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

4. Fishbone Braids Hairstyle

Fishbone braids are braided closely to the scalp with one thick braid in the center and thinner cornrows joined at an angle. Types of African Hair Braiding Styles.

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

5. Box Braids Hairstyle

Box braids are considered a protective hairstyle that consists of hair separated into square-shaped divisions. Box braids are generally created by using synthetic hair in order to help add thickness as well as supporting the real hair inside the braid. Types of African Hair Braiding Styles.

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

Best Products For Creating African Braids

We’ve gathered the most ideal products and tools to use for creating the best African braids for you to check out!

Latch Crochet Wooden Hair Knitting Needle

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

This two piece crochet knitting needle for DIY hair braiding is a practical tool set for creating African braids at home.


Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids with Curly Ends

Different Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

This amazing brand of synthetic hair gives texture and shine that mimics human hair. You can create your favorite African braids such as twist braids and jumbo braids with these beautiful hair extensions. Types of African Hair Braiding Styles.


How To Do African Hair Braiding

We created a simple step-by-step guide for creating African braids yourself. So check out our five easy steps on how to do African braids and get braiding today!

Step 1: Choose a Width

To start with, use a fine comb in parting the hair. The width of a single section of hair will depend on your desire. If you want to produce more cornrows then you can choose a thin width

Step 2: Pick a Direction

Identify the direction of the braid. You can start from the base of the neck and move forward to the hairline.

Step 3: Separate Each Section

Separate a single section of hair into three groups. The left group is A, the center is B and the right group is C

Step 4: Start Braiding

Place group A under group B and over group C.

Step 5: Continue Until the End

Continue braiding until you complete the entire row. Repeat this on a new section of hair.

Video Tutorial on How to Create African Hair Braiding

To know more, watch this tutorial in order to get a visual of how to create African har braiding:

African Hair Braiding Styles Questions

Do you still have questions about African hair braiding styles? If so, we’re here to help. We see a ton of questions sent to Beautified Designs from our readers about hair braiding. So as a result, we’ve combined a list below of the top questions we’ve received along with our helpful answers.

Who should I contact for the best African hair braiding styles?

If you want your African braids to last as long as possible, we suggest visiting a licensed professional who specializes in African hair braiding. There are several things that go into creating a good braid such as correct sectioning, using the proper products, and giving the best aftercare advice. You definitely need to consider these things if you hope to get the best possible African braids.

How long do African hair braiding styles last?

As long as the person who braids your hair is professional, you shouldn’t have to get new braids for quite some time. In fact, most African hair braiding styles last up to six weeks. You just need to be sure you are taking extra steps like wearing satin scarves if you want to make your African braids last.

Will African hair braids look good on me?

There are several different options within the category of African braids, so you are bound to be able to find at least one that works for you. We will always encourage you to take the leap and experiment with different hairstyles to find one that suits you!

Get Your Own African Braided Hairstyle

Whether you choose African hair braiding because of its cultural significance or you just want to be fashion-forward, one thing is for sure – this protective styling will bring out the creative side in you!

Aside from allowing you to select various shapes and patterns, with African braids you can also add some vibrant colors, highlights, texture, and even accessories.

We’d love to hear which African hair braiding style is your favorite, in the comments below. Or let us know if you have any tips or tricks for creating the best-braided hairstyles!

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